Walk of Life Counseling offers the following services:

•        Counseling for individuals, couples, and families with emotional,
     behavioral, and relationship issues           
•        Adolescent counseling
•        Family counseling
•        Senior life-issues counseling
•        Marital and Premarital counseling
•        Career counseling (pre-college and mid-life)
•        PTSD and Grief counseling
•        Conflict mediation
•        Spiritual counseling
•        Counseling for pornographic and sexual addictions
•        Coping with ADD or ADHD  (for students and families)
•        Parenting with Love and Logic© training
•        “Stress Management & Relaxation Techniques” training & seminars
•        “Simplify Your Life” training & seminars

      Walk of Life Counseling       
PO Box 449
Windsor, CO  80550
Phone: 970-232-4701