Walk of Life Counseling
Like any other untreated injury, untreated psychological trauma can
result in progressive damage over time.

  • Are you (or someone you know) struggling with a situation or
    feelings that are preventing you from enjoying life?
  • Have you ever wished that there was someone who would listen to
    you and help you find a way to stop the pain?
  • Are you in a relationship that no matter what you do, seems to only
    be getting more painful?

Then Walk of Life Counseling is just the place you have been hoping to
find.  Keith Olszewski M.A.  helps individuals, couples, and families to find
answers to emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues.  He provides
counseling and psychotherapy tailored to meet each clients individual
needs, helping people to find the answers that are right for them.
Walk of Life Counseling is located in Windsor Colorado, and is only a 10
minute drive from the communities of
Ft. Collins, Loveland and Greeley

Keith Olszewski  M.A.
Walk of Life Counseling

PO Box 449

Windsor, CO  80550
Phone: 970-232-4701